Windshield Repair Profit!

Profit Worksheet for the Tri Glass Basic Windshield Repair Kit

Average repairs per ounce of resin 100
Nation wide average charge per repair x $55.00

Gross Income $5500.00
Wholesale cost of the Tri Glass basic windshield repair kit -375.00
Return on original investment before purchasing resupply $5125.00

Cost of usual resupply order
(resin, o-rings, drill bits, etc.) $100.00
Repairs from average order of resupply divided by 100
Average cost per repair $1.00

Nation wide average charge per repair $55.00
Average cost per repair $1.00
Profit x 2 repairs at $54.00 each
= $108.00 per hour OR $4900% profit $54.00

  • You can earn $216.00 per hour profit with two Tri Glass patented bridges.
  • Repair just one windshield per day, five days per week to generate $14,404 in annual income.
  • Repair ten windshields per day to generate $140,400 in annual income.

Labor time is only about 10 to 25 minutes per repair so by adding multiple bridge assemblies, it is possible to complete 20 repairs or more in one day!

Most insurance companies will waive the comprehensive deductible and pay the entire cost of the repair. Almost anyone can achieve high quality windshield repairs, with only an hour or two of practice. Using the Tri Glass basic or professional kit is simple and profitable.