Tri Glass Introduces: Essential Windshield Repair Kit

Our third kit; Tri Glass Essential Windshield Repair Kit.  For many years Tri Glass has only had two different kits; our basic and professional.  This Essential Windshield Repair kit has a bit of both products from these best selling kits.  The first is the Dremel Drill with a charger.  It also comes with a 1/16 collet to fit the drill and 2 pointed tip drill bits.  The second is the 12 Volt lamp.  It is durable, dependable and fast.

The Tri Glass Windshield Essential Kit contains our number 1 selling resin; Tri Glass UV thin resin (TRI 101) and our strong UV thin pit sealer (TRI 102).  By having these resins and sealers you will be able to fix bulls-eyes, star, and combination breaks.  It includes our patented bridge with 2 stainless steel injectors and metal bar.

Tri Glass Essential Windshield Repair Kit (Includes a 12V lamp and Dremel Drill with Charger)



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Product Name:

Tri Glass Essential Windshield Repair Kit

Product Description:

ATTENTION: The 12 volt lamp that is pictured, is NOT INCLUDED in the kit at this time.  This kit will come with 2 battery powered lamps and a thick resin. 

Introducing a new kit from Tri Glass.  The Essential Windshield Repair Kit.  This sturdy, portable kit box contains high quality products to produce high quality repairs.  It contains:  (1) patented Tri Glass Bridge; (1) Dremel Drill with charger and 1/16 collet and 2 drill bits; (1) 1 oz. Thin Resin;  (1) 1 oz. Thick Resin; (1) 1 oz. Thin Pit Sealer; (25) Small O-Rings; (100) Pit Sealer Tabs; (1) 1/2 oz. Pit Buffer; (1) 1/2 oz. Pit Polish, (1) Inspection Mirror; (1) Hook Scribe, (1) Suction Cup Lube, (2) Shop Cloths, (1) Acetone Container, (1) training DVD.

Features & Benefits:

This kit is ideal for someone starting their own repair business.  If you would rather have a Dremel Drill instead of a scribe it is the kit for you.

We have been purchasing our resin and sealer from the same manufacturer for over 20 years.  It is tested and approved to fix bulls-eyes, star, and combination breaks.  Our patented bridge is included, which has two stainless steel injectors and metal bar.  Pays for itself with just a few repairs.