1/3 oz. Tri Glass Pit Polish

1/3 oz. Tri Glass Pit Polish

#TRI 117 Tri Glass Pit Polish 1/3 oz


#TRI 117

Product Name:

1/3 oz. Tri Glass Pit Polish

Product Description:

Glass Pit Buffer is a compound specifically formulated to polish at the sealed impact point to match the shine of the surrounding glass.

Technical Data:

Tri Glass Pit Polish is a liquid composed of petroleum distillates, glycerin and proprietary conditioners.


1/4 ounce bottles, 2-7/8” high x 1-1/4” wide x 3/4” thick.


Clear bottle with white cap containing a yellow-white (ivory) liquid.

Quantity (Packaging):

Single units, packaged in 1/4-ounce polyethylene squeeze bottles with dispenser tip.

Shelf Life:

Virtually unlimited.

Feature & Benefits:

In just seconds, the sealed impact point is polished and shined. Really impresses the customer!

Basic Uses:

Compound is rubbed on vigorously with a soft cloth to a polished result.