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Driving on highways and unpaved roads exposes your vehicle to the elements. As rocks and debris come into contact with your windshield, you begin to notice a crack or a minor chip affecting your vision. To maintain safety on the road, it’s important to repair the auto glass as quickly as possible.

As you examine the size and depth of the damage, chances are you can provide a quick and painless restoration. While the glass on your vehicle is designed with sturdy layers to provide support on the roadways, they are susceptible to damage, and must be repaired by a professional.

Utilizing the Tri Glass auto glass solutions made for the pros, you’re provided with durability and a polishing effect. Purchasing a kit we have for sale will help you save time and money on your auto window and glass restoration. You can buy just one repair product or the whole kit at the lowest prices.

Don’t let cracks lengthen because you haven’t fixed the issue. Buy our auto glass chip repair to mitigate the damage and provide a quick solution to avoid the frustrations of that crack in your auto glass.

Professional Windshield Chip Repair Kit

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When you shop with Tri Glass, you’ll see the best value and the latest technology through our auto glass repair tools and professional commercial windshield chip repair kits for sale. The success of our tools lies in our patented Tri Glass Bridge. With the product, we incorporated an inflexible metal holding bracket and double O-ring injectors to deliver you with the appropriate amount of extraction and pressure to replace trapped air in the crack.

The Tri Glass commercial solutions for sale leave a smooth surface by filling a chip with our windshield glass resin. When inserting the substance, you will effectively restore the integrity of the glass and improve its appearance. The mastic substance will prevent any cracks from spreading throughout the windshield, allowing you to save money on expensive replacements when you buy commercial auto glass repair supplies.

Our windshield repair equipment for sale is unique as it doesn’t require electrical outlets or pumps and hoses to be used. Our commercial customers are able to use the solutions on any type of windshield.

buy commercial auto glass repair kitBuy the kit for your commercial shop or personal vehicles in your garage. The price is so affordable that you can start your own business. Browse through our products and windshield glass kits and receive expedited delivery for quick repairs when you buy from Tri Glass. Contact a pro if you have any questions or inquiries.