Auto Glass Chip Repair Kit

Do you have a rock chip or bulls eye crack in your windshield that obstructs your view of the road? Concerned that it will spider web and spread further throughout the window? Tri Glass is a leading provider of affordable auto glass repair kits. Our kit offers a simple solution for the fastest repairs that prevent further damage.

Avoid the frustrations and dangers of driving with a cracked window or windshield. Utilizing the latest technology and the highest quality of auto glass resin, Tri Glass provides you with everything you need to fix the cracks and enhance the safety of your vehicle.

Windshield Chip Repair Kit

windshield chip repair

You’ll see numerous benefits with the Tri Glass system and will return to the road confidently. Included in the windshield chip repair kit, you’ll find all the required materials to patching up the cracks for increased visibility.

Using the windshield repair kit from Tri Glass, you can easily and quickly remove trapped air pockets between the layers of glass by replacing with our sealants and resin. As your car becomes exposed to the sun, the chip will dissipate and the auto glass is repaired.

We offer the lowest prices for your scratch and chip repair, but you must consider multiple factors to determine whether you need complete replacement. Look at the size of the crack, the depth and location of the damage on your windshield, and the type of crack. You can see star, flower, or bulls eye cracks. Use Tri Star solutions to avoid seeing the crack grow and requiring an expensive repair.

Auto Glass Scratch Repair

auto glass chip repair

To accurately and efficiently remove the chips and scratches on your vehicle, our unique system incorporates the patented Tri Glass Bridge. With this system, we don’t require the use of hoses, pumps, tubes, or electrical outlets. Designed to work with any windshield, our scratch repair kit for your auto glass delivers the right amount of pressure for a quick and painless restoration. You’ll find a UV battery lamp and our bridge system included in the kit.

Windshield Glass Scratch Repair

windshield scratch repair

As you’re driving, debris and small stones that come into contact with your windshield can cause a scratch right in your line of view. These scratches occur frequently for drivers on unpaved roads. The auto glass scratch repair kit from Tri Glass is your number one solution when looking for the lowest prices. The high-quality kit includes O-ring injectors and a metal holding bracket so it will not flex when you’re placing the sealant solution over the scratch.

Browse our products and order online for fast delivery. We handle all of your needs and provide you with exceptional customer service. Get rid of your cracks and chips with assistance from Tri Glass.