Why Repairing Your Windshield Makes More Sense (Than Replacing It)

So, your windshield is cracked. While that’s definitely annoying, it happens to everyone, and it isn’t going to be the end of the world.

However, if you don’t replace or repair it immediately, you’ll be breaking the law and subjecting yourself to hefty fines. Even if a police officer doesn’t spot the issue, worse yet, you’ll be putting yourself in danger.

Windshields exist to protect you, and driving with a compromised one is extremely dangerous. So you have two options.
– Repair it
– Full replacement

While many people immediately think to just replace the whole thing, it turns out that there are a few crucial downsides in doing so, which ultimately means that repairing the existing one is the best option. Let’s take a look at why such is the case. Once you see how sensible it is not to go with a full replacement, you can take a look at our full stock of professional auto glass repair equipment for sale right here on our website.

Replacements Are Expensive
It’s much cheaper to repair your windshield in the event of a crack. It’s also just as effective. Think about it this way. If you’re given two routes that both lead to the same outcome, but one is way cheaper than the other, would you ever go with the more expensive one? Of course you wouldn’t. There’s no reason to do that when it comes to a broken windshield, either. You probably already spend enough money on the other aspects of your car as it is anyway, right?

Don’t Tamper With Your Factory Seal

If you replace your windshield entirely, that’ll break the factory seal. The new one won’t be as effective as the original. Guaranteed. When you repair your windshield, you aren’t tampering with the factory seal.

You Probably CAN Get it Repaired
In some cases, repairs just aren’t possible because the damage is too considerable. But the majority of the time, you can get your windshield repaired. For example, if you’re driving on the highway and a rock flies into your windshield leaving a chip, a repair will be fine. Those types of incidents are usually what happen. The dealership or your mechanic might say otherwise, thinking about the profits they’ll make on a total replacement, though.

Be wary if you’re only dealing with a minor dent, and someone is telling you that you need to spend $600 + to replace it. Do your research to get a better idea of whether your specific crack can be repaired, or needs a replacement. Chances are, it can be repaired. When you go that route, make sure to buy windshield crack repair equipment from us. You won’t be sorry you did.

Watch Out for Windshield Replacement Scams

Insurance fraud is nothing new amongst drivers and vehicle owners, but somehow the crimes persist. In recent years, glass companies have been the culprits of tricking drivers into believing that their windshield needs to be replaced. A glass company salesperson will inform vehicle owners that their windshield is faulty and that their insurance company can cover the cost of the repair. Unfortunately, many individuals have fallen victim to this act, leaving them with higher policy rates and glass companies walking away with large money bags.




If a glass dealer or salesperson approaches you at a car wash, gas station or in a large parking lot informing you that your car needs a new windshield, give them the cold shoulder! Only trust an authorized auto shop to give you a realistic diagnosis of your windshield. This situation particularly occurs in Florida because of the state’s consumer-friendly zero-deductible windshield replacement law.


Quickly Repair Cracks with a Windshield Repair Kit

According to an investigation conducted by reporters and producers of channel 10 News in the Tampa area a few years ago, glass company representatives used a variety of schemes, such as targeting windshields with small cracks or nicks, to convince drivers that their entire windshield needed to be replaced. However, windshield scratches and specks can be quickly repaired by a qualified professional using a quality auto windshield repair kit. The repair doesn’t take long to do, is quick and easy to perform, and is much cheaper than a window replacement. If you are told that you need your windshield repaired by a random sales person, do not act on it until the malfunction is diagnosed by a qualified professional.


Trust Reputable Windshield Repair Tool Suppliers

Being aware of auto scams, such as windshield replacement and repairs, can help drivers avert the crime. In this type of scheme, many individuals are affected negatively, including the agents, policyholders and good glass companies that operate ethically. Most scratches, cracks and nicks in a windshield can be fixed to look like new again with windshield repair tools and equipment from reputable suppliers. The only instance where a windshield would need to be replaced is if it bears a star-break crack that penetrates the exterior layer, or the crack is longer than twelve inches.




Other tactics used in the windshield replacement scheme stretch much farther than persuasion. Some glass companies will bill the insurance company for high-quality glass after a replacement, when in reality, they used low-quality glass. When high-pressure bullying doesn’t work, salesmen will go as far as to purposely damage windshields so that they need to be replaced. Experts suggest that policyholders obtain a reference for a trusted glass company or auto shop from their insurance company, if they need their windshield serviced.


Avoid Getting Scammed

As a windshield repair kit distributor, we supply auto shops and reputable glass companies across the nation with high-quality tools, such as pit sealer, resin and the Tri Glass Bridge, which assists with conducting successful and long-lasting restoration. Don’t fall victim to a sketchy glass company salesperson trying to abuse the windshield repair industry; have a glass company referral handy in preparation for future windshield repairs.

Introducing Windshield Repair to an Auto Shop Business: A Guide

As a thriving auto mechanic shop, you probably offer everything from oil changes and engine repairs to wheel alignments and brake installations. But what about auto windshield repair? When your customers unexpectedly get a nick or crack in the glass of their windshield, they are going to want to get the best for their money – an affordable repair rather than a pricey replacement. Some auto shops offer windshield glass repair as a service, while others do not. When it comes to making a bigger profit, auto shops that offer windshield repair are at an advantage.



Introducing windshield repair into your line of auto service is convenient, fast and easy. We’ve put together a five-step guide for how to tack on auto windshield repair as a successful service at your shop.


Educate Yourself on Glass Repair. Before you start a business, you must be well-versed in the field. Once you learn all there is to know about windshield glass crack repair, you will be able to answer any questions your customers may have about the new service. Read up on the history of auto glass repair and be aware of all the different types of glass cracks.


Stock Up On the Equipment and Supplies Needed to Perform Repairs. Collect all of the equipment and tools you need to conduct windshield repairs. We suggest purchasing a windshield repair kit, which comes with everything needed in one case.

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Train Your Staff on How to do the Windshield Repair. Learning how to conduct windshield repair takes just a little bit of practice and motivation. The task is slightly specific to the tools you are using, so it is vital that you pick the equipment brand you want to work with first. Using our famous and patented Tri Glass Bridge, your employees can quickly learn how to perform a repair in just a few tries. We offer a helpful and explanatory step-by-step video DVD that teaches how to do a windshield repair using our tools.


Market Your Windshield Glass Repair Service to the Public. Let your customers know about the new windshield glass repair service you are now offering. Send out flyers to your customer base and post about it on your social media accounts. You can even offer a first-time special for the service to attract customers to it. Partner up with other businesses of the auto industry to gain referrals. Consider putting an announcement in the newspaper and offering a coupon with it.


Regulate Business Duties for the Windshield Repair. As with all businesses, the windshield repair service that you offer will need bookkeeping, accounting and insurance billing maintained. Staying organized will help you keep track of taxes, as well as profits, being made. Some auto insurance policies of your customers will cover the expense of auto windshield repair. As with all other auto services, make sure that you verify the insurance coverage before you conduct the repair.


Customers want an auto service they can return to again and again for their vehicle maintenance, as opposed to a business they aren’t familiar with. Providing them with auto windshield repair service is just one more aspect of auto maintenance they can depend on when it comes to your business.


Five things To Should Know about Conducting Windshield Repair

chip windhsield

Starting a windshield repair business is an effective way to generate a return on investment, because it is a service that is always in demand. Since vehicles are a main source of transportation, drivers are always in need for repairs, especially when an issue arises. Windshield repair is also a great service to add if you own and operate an auto shop. Just one tiny nick in the windshield can turn into a huge problem over time; that’s why vehicle owners opt to have their cracked windshield fixed as fast as possible. As a windshield repair specialist, you can help!


A windshield repair business can be started with as little as $375, by purchasing the small Tri Glass Professional windshield repair kit. It just takes a little patience to learn the craft, but once you have it down, the installation is easy to perform. A professional auto windshield repair kit contains everything you need to conduct a repair without the use of wires and plugs. If you are looking to earn a profit by offering windshield repair as a service, there are some aspects about the industry you should take note of. As the experts, we’ve compiled a list of things you should know about performing windshield repairs.


  1. It Saves Money for Your Customers

Repairing a small chip, as opposed to replacing the entire windshield, is much more cost effective for your clients. With most repairs costing around $50, windshield repair is an ideal choice for many drivers, especially since most insurance companies will pay this, with no out of pocket cost to the customer. Be sure to price your service accordingly and you will likely build the clientele you need.


  1. The Service is Environmentally-Friendly

Every time a windshield is replaced, the broken glass and moldings from the job get tossed into landfills. When customers opt to have their crack repaired by your service, it saves the environment from being littered with more trash.


  1. The Job Doesn’t Take Long

The task of Conducting a windshield repair can be self-taught, especially by watching our step-by-step instructional DVD. Once you have learned all the basics and have practiced a couple of times, the job is easy to do. Depending on the situation, a windshield repair can be conducted in about 20 minutes. Your customers will be pleased with how fast the repair is done.


  1. High-Quality Materials Are Best

When you need to restock the tools and equipment to conduct the repair, make sure that you purchase from a reputable source. You will want to make sure your customers are satisfied with the repair. If the materials in the repair fail, you will have a very unhappy customer. Opt for high-quality resin and pit sealer that won’t yellow over time. Check that the materials are tested for good quality and durability by the manufacturer.


  1. Offer Your Customers a Warranty

Most reputable auto shops offer a warranty on their auto windshield repair service at no cost. Offer customers the terms of the warranty so that they can understand them in full detail. The best warranty is nationwide, since people tend to travel often. The coverage can be at least up to two years, just in case issues occur from a poor repair job. You want to keep your customers happy and coming back for more of your services.


What is in a Windshield Repair Kit?

If you are a trustworthy auto shop, you are most likely the first source that drivers turn to when their vehicle needs repair. You may be able to provide them with all the necessary maintenance service and part replacements…but what about the windshield? If a customer approaches you with a chip or crack in their windshield, do you have the resources needed to fix it? Having windshield repair as an auto service is highly beneficial because it is a common need that must be met, making it an opportunity to generate profit for your business. To conduct a quality windshield repair that will last, you will need all the right tools, materials and equipment.


The easiest way to obtain everything you need for performing a windshield repair is to purchase a first-rate repair kit. Windshield crack repair kits are designed to contain everything required to successfully conduct a glass mend on the windshield of any vehicle. With the tools from the kit and a few correctly performed steps, a windshield can be repaired in no time at all. Repairing a windshield with a kit is easy to learn and only takes a bit of practice.


Since there are a variety of windshield repair kit companies on the market, each one is slightly different from the other. You are probably wondering what the best professional windshield repair kit may be. A high-quality repair kit will have superior products with all the necessary tools provided. In our windshield repair kits at Tri Glass Inc., the tools and products are all-inclusive to provide a specific quantity of repairs, which helps meet the demand of the service. Not to mention the kits also include our patented Tri Glass Bridge!


TriGlass Prof Kit 2 - new pic

All professional grade windshield repair kits usually have similar items. However, do not confuse do-it-yourself kits with professional kits! They are not the same. Here we share with you what we provide in our large windshield repair kit:

  • 2 patented Tri Glass Bridges
  • 3 battery-powered UV lamps
  • 2 full ounces of Tri Glass quality Thick Resin
  • 2 full ounces of Tri Glass quality Thin Resin
  • 2 full ounces of Pit Sealer
  • Large Pit Adapter with five Large O-Rings
  • 50 Small O-Rings
  • 100 Pit Sealer Tabs
  • 1/4 oz. of Pit Buffer
  • 1/4 oz. of Pit Polish
  • 2 Inspection Mirrors
  • Hook Scribe
  • Carbide Scribe
  • Suction Cup Lube
  • 4 Shop Cloths
  • Utility Lighter
  • 50 Cotton Swabs
  • 20 Razor Blades
  • Acetone Soaking Container
  • 12 Batteries
  • spray bottle of Glass Cleaner
  • Tri Glass work apron


The amount of resin provided in our Tri Glass kits is enough for about 400 to 500 repairs, while the pit sealer is enough for about 800 to 900 repairs. The advantage of buying a professional grade kit is that it will produce repairs that last, keeping customers happy. If you run out of an item in the kit, you can purchase it separately.


New Long Carbide Drill Bits!

We would also like to reveal that we have added 2 different carbide drill bits to our inventory. The drill bits are longer in size, which are used to expand the void in the impact point when doing the repair. The Long Pointed Tip Carbide Drill Bit and the Long Flat Tip Carbide Drill Bit are both 1¾ inches in length and are available to be ordered in large quantities.