5 Facts You Need to Know about Windshield Resins

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Windshield repair resin is extremely important for repairing a windshield. But why is a windshield resin needed in the first place? Here are the key facts you need to know about windshield resin and why it’s necessary.

Why Are They Needed?

Windshield resins are needed when a car’s windshield breaks or cracks. When an object such as a chip hits the windshield, a crack can form and the glass does not remain intact. Uneven heating and cooling can also cause cracks in the windshield, which is known as thermal shock. All of these factors can result in damage.

How are Windshield Repairs Done?

In order to perform a successful repair, the entire crack needs to be evacuated from air and moisture. This means that once these are removed, the crack can be filled with resin. However, this process is not as easy as it sounds. Removing air and moisture is tricky and excess moisture can also cause the repair to fail again and again.

How to Choose a Resin

Choosing a resin needs to be based on performance. This means that the resin must cover all areas of the damage. There needs to be enough strength to withstand expansion and contraction the windshield might experience. It has been found that tensile strengths for resin consist of two different things: adhesive and cohesive strength. Adhesive strength means the resin adheres to the glass, and cohesive strength holds the glass together.

What Happens when the Resin is Applied?

Once the resin is applied, it is then cured. Curing the resin results when the monomers of the resin harden due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. This is done through windshield repair operators’ special equipment. If the resin is not completely cured, a weak repair will occur and the repair may fail.

Windshield Repair: A Science

Windshield repair is a science, as there are many important procedures that must take place for it to be successful. Now that you know the facts, you can understand the process of windshield repair better and understand the importance of windshield resin.

Should I repair or replace my damaged windshield?

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Depending on the size and scope of the damage, you may need to consider either repairing or replacing your damaged windshield. Stones, loose road chippings, or large chunks of hail might hit your vehicle’s windshield without warning. Keeping your visibility clear at all times is vital for your safety and the safety of others. Below we look at the circumstances around when you should invest in auto glass chip repair and when you should have your windshield replaced.

Situation 1: Repair Small Chips that Don’t Impact your Line of Sight

In the case that you find small chips or cracks that don’t visually impair you in your windshield, it’s best to have these repaired by a trained professional. For example, a chip in the top corner on the opposite side of your driving will have little immediate danger to your driving. The repair will include a professional inserting a special resin in the area. It’s important that these chips are seen when it is safe to do so. With any chip, there is the risk that the damage spreads across the rest of the windshield, which could cause serious damage.

Situation 2: When to Replace your Damaged Windshield

It’s important to repair a windshield when your visibility is directly affected. When you can’t see parts of the road in front of you due to a chip or crack, the windshield will need to be replaced. If the windshield is a particularly old one or if there are multiple chips, it’s important to replace the windshield as well. Keeping a good eye on the condition of your windshield is important to ensure your safety on the road.

Consult a Professional

When in doubt, consult an auto glass chip repair professional who will offer their expert opinion on whether your windshield requires replacement or repair. Be sure to contact a professional if you have any doubt as to which option to choose.

3 Tips for Starting a Windshield Repair Business

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Windshield repairs are always in demand. Anything can happen while on the road, and when a windshield chips, drivers need a high-quality fix. A windshield repair business can be highly profitable and easy to run business, with the right preparation, planning and windshield repair equipment. Operating your own windshield repair business will allow you to be your own boss, work on your own terms, maximize your take-home pay and do something you enjoy. Windshield repair businesses are also extremely cost-effective with very little overhead and start-up capital required. In this post, we’ll show you how to get started with your windshield repair business.

Getting Started: Skill & Tool Acquisition

It’s important to first acquire the skills and tools needed to run your own windshield repair business. There are many online and classroom resources to learn the skills necessary, meaning that learning the necessary skills is easier now than ever.  The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA), the only association in North America dedicated solely to the needs and promotion of windshield repair, provides education and accreditation to would-be windshield repair technicians. Understanding the types of equipment needed for your business is also important.

TOP TIPS:  How to Market your Business Effectively

After finding the right windshield repair equipment, marketing your business is the next most important part of developing your own windshield repair business. Here are the key tips for marketing your business successfully:

  1. Be listed on as many directories as possible.

Online directories are what phonebooks used to provide, a simple way of seeing the contact details and basic information of a business. Yelp, Google My Business, and Yellow Pages are all examples of directories you need to be on. This means that when people needing a windshield repair search for one online, your business will be the most likely to appear, as many businesses under-utilize or are inconsistent with their directory listings.

  1. Acquire as many reviews as possible.

Reviews are like gold-dust when it comes to marketing your windshield repair business. The more reviews you have, the easier it will be to get business and the more likely people will be to buy from you. Search engines such as Google rank reviews very favorably and can help you stand out. Google actively encourages this practice, and this will help put you far ahead of the competition who do not ask for reviews for their business. Getting reviews will allow you to outrank other businesses who might invest heavily in paid advertising.

  1. Target Locally

If you have a website for your windshield repair business, be sure to target locally. This means adding keywords highly relevant to your area on your website and social platforms. For example, if you are based in New York be sure to include this repeatedly throughout your digital assets. This way, when someone searches for Windshield Repair New York in Google, you’re the most likely to come up.


Tri Glass Introduces: Essential Windshield Repair Kit

Our third kit; Tri Glass Essential Windshield Repair Kit.  For many years Tri Glass has only had two different kits; our basic and professional.  This Essential Windshield Repair kit has a bit of both products from these best selling kits.  The first is the Dremel Drill with a charger.  It also comes with a 1/16 collet to fit the drill and 2 pointed tip drill bits.  The second is the 12 Volt lamp.  It is durable, dependable and fast.

The Tri Glass Windshield Essential Kit contains our number 1 selling resin; Tri Glass UV thin resin (TRI 101) and our strong UV thin pit sealer (TRI 102).  By having these resins and sealers you will be able to fix bulls-eyes, star, and combination breaks.  It includes our patented bridge with 2 stainless steel injectors and metal bar.

Tri Glass Essential Windshield Repair Kit (Includes a Dremel Drill with Charger!)



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Product Name:

Tri Glass Essential Windshield Repair Kit

Product Description: 

Introducing a new kit from Tri Glass.  The Essential Windshield Repair Kit.  This sturdy, portable kit box contains high quality products to produce high quality repairs.  It contains:  (1) patented Tri Glass Bridge; (1) 12 Volt Lamp; (1) Dremel Drill with charger and 1/16 collet and 2 drill bits; (1) 1 oz. Thin Resin;  (1) 1/2oz  Thin Pit Sealer; (25) Small O-Rings; (1) 1/2 oz. Pit Buffer; (1) 1/2 oz. Pit Polish, (1) Inspection Mirror; (25) pit sealer tabs, (1) Hook Scribe, (1) Suction Cup Lube, (1) Shop Cloth, (1) Acetone Container, (1) training DVD.

Features & Benefits:

This kit is ideal for someone starting their own repair business.  If you would rather have a Dremel Drill instead of a scribe it is the kit for you.

We have been purchasing our resin and sealer from the same manufacturer for over 20 years.  It is tested and approved to fix bulls-eyes, star, and combination breaks.  Our patented bridge is included, which has two stainless steel injectors and metal bar.  Pays for itself with just a few repairs.

2 Unique Tri Glass Products That Every Auto Body Shop Needs

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Yes, regular auto maintenance is important, but if you are constantly bouncing back and forth between your home and your dealership, chances are they may not have your best interest in mind.


Up-selling unnecessary services is a common tactic employed by many service shops. Mechanics realize that the average car owner is not an expert, so they try to scam shoppers into constantly returning for unneeded products to make a quick dollar. If you have a scratched windshield, you don’t need a new windshield every time. Even if the scratch is a foot-long or a half-inch thick., Tri Glass, Inc. has a solution that will save you and your customers time and money.


If you work in the automotive business in 2016, you know how fast word travels. From Yelp to Facebook, customers have an instantaneous way to post their experiences from their cell phone.


Consumers have wised up to the fact that every time there is a minor issue, it doesn’t mean you need to take major action.


Here are a couple of the unique products we carry that will help your shop thrive while gaining trust from your customers:

  • Tri Glass UV Long Crack Repair Resin – This product is one of our staples. The 1oz bottle contains a low viscosity, optical grade ultraviolet curing resin and repairs the longest cracks efficiently while being barely visible to the naked eye. Not all shops have this product, but they should! (BONUS – it has a one year shelf life!)
  • Professional Window Repair Kit – A must-have for all automotive companies that offer repairs. This set has everything a cracked windshield needs. The kit contains a 2oz container of thin resin as well as a 2oz container of thick resin, PLUS two ounces of thin pit sealer. For a limited time, we are also offering a FREE Dremel Drill and a charger in the kit. Don’t lose customers by pricing your services out of the market. People know what they need, and they want a great value (like this.)

 Tri Glass Inc. Pro Kit

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