Windshield Repair Equipment

Picture of a vehicle after we used our cracked windshield repair kitThe Tri Glass System is unique, requiring no electrical outlets, pumps, tubes, or hoses! The secret to your success is our patented Tri Glass Bridge. The stainless steel double O-ring injectors will deliver the right amount of pressure and extraction to replace trapped air with quality windshield resin. Also, unlike plastic models our metal holding bracket will not bend or flex in an incorrect position. Our windshield repair equipment is easy to use and designed to work with any type of windshield when you’re looking for commercial auto glass repair tools for sale.

Auto Glass Repair Accessories and Kits

Tri Glass now offers three kits with all the windshield repair equipment needed

Our easy-to-work-with resin and sealers are included in our Windshield Repair Kits and can also be purchased separately for your commercial business.

Tri Glass windshield repair resin provides superior bonding strength, which has been proven with our two-year age and weather testing. Our commercial supplies and products are an excellent choice for repairing star, bull’s eye, or combination breaks. Our sealant also meets ISO Worldwide standards, is cost effective and is considered the best substance on the market — ensured to do quality repairs.

professional windshield repair systems for sale

This Windshield Repair Profit Analysis shows you how it’s possible. The Tri Glass Basic Windshield Repair Kit comes with everything you need to do professional quality repairs. The windshield repair equipment in this kit includes our patented bridge system and a UV battery lamp. Plus, high quality resin and sealer: 1 ounce of BOTH thin and thick resin AND 1 ounce of thin pit sealer.

Our Windshield Repair Training DVD is now available with step by step instructions on how to achieve a high quality windshield repair.

Supplies for Windshield Repair Business

Reasons to choose products from Tri Glass:

  • Tools available in our cracked windshield repair kit•When needing to buy windshield repair equipment, Tri Glass now has three cracked windshield repair kits: The Basic, the Essential and the Professional. The Basic kit has everything you need to do start your own business. The Essential kit also has all of the auto glass repair accessories to start your own business.  It does however have a 12 volt lamp and a dremel drill to get you started.  The Professional kit is great for the person with a full time repair business.  It comes with two Tri Glass Patented Bridges, plus an extra UV Lamp and Dremel drill with charger, 2 drill bits and 1/16 collet.  Also, you will receive our large pit adapter to fix larger impact points.
  • • Attention Auto Glass companies… Tri Glass has been around for over 35 years. We buy and sell only the highest quality auto glass repair accessories and equipment. Purchase one of our commercial kits for sale now and be amazed with the results.
  • • Tri Glass specializes in offering you only the best windshield repair equipment on the market today.
  • • Tri Glass is confident that you will be beyond satisfied when you choose to use our equipment.
  • • Quality repairs occur when using quality equipment and supplies.
  • • When you buy two or more of the patented bridges we have for sale, it will save your business time and money.
  • • How long has a customer’s bulls-eye, star or combination break been threatening to run into a big crack? It’s now time to get that fixed using one of our cracked windshield repair kits.
  • • When you buy Tri Glass sealers for your windshield repair business, know that it has been tested and approved over 2 years to remain clear and not to yellow.
  • • Tri Glass offers a large selection of windshield repair equipment and supplies for the auto glass industry.
  • • Practice on a car windshield with our star maker. It creates bulls-eyes, stars, and combination breaks.
  • • When you need anything for auto glass chip repair you can depend on our auto glass repair accesssories.
  • • We carry car windshield repair buffer and polish to complete the job.
  • • Tri Glass car repair kits are priced right. Best value for your dollar. Call to talk with one of our professional sales team today to inquire about our commercial supplies for sale.