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Windshield Repair Kits

The Tri Glass System is unique, requiring no electrical outlets, pumps, tubes, or hoses! The secret to your success is our patented Tri Glass Bridge. The stainless steel double O-ring injectors will deliver the right amount of pressure and extraction to replace trapped air with quality resin. Also, unlike plastic models our metal holding bracket will not flex and is not affected by resin. This system is the easiest to use and designed to work with any type of windshield.

Our easy-to-work-with Resins are included in our Windshield Repair Kits and can also be purchased separately.

Tri Glass Resin provides superior bonding strength, which has been proven with our two-year age and weather testing. Our resins are an excellent choice for repairing star, bull’s eye, or combination breaks. Our resin also meets ISO Worldwide standards, is cost effective and is considered the best resin on the market — ensured to do quality repairs.